Can you hook up 2 amps to 1 sub

Alternatively you can use a 1-female to 2-male y-splitter (see subwoofer y-splitter image below) and connect the female side to the subwoofer rca cable and the male sides to the respective left and right inputs. An amp that is rated at 1000w rms (root mean square, or the average watt the speaker is intended to receive and play with) set for 1 ohm can power two 2-ohm subs rated at 500w rms that same amp can power four 4ohm subs and so forth. Two amps one set rca's rca's you can just connect the rca from your hu to amp 1, and rca's from amp 1 to amp 2, thats the way i'm running my setup now as far . Are you finding your subwoofer isn't providing the experience you were expecting find out how you can connect two or more subwoofers to your home theater. If the speakers are further away, you need thicker wire---12 to 14 gauge---for better conductivity step note the travel path of the speaker wire when measuring the distance from the amp to the speakers, say if you are running the wires down to the floor then back up to the speakers.

Yes, two (easy) ways to hookup a powered sub in a 2-channel setup 1) run the speaker wire from your amp to the sub, then another set of speaker cables to your speakers the sub will suck nearly no current from the signal (so your mains will still get almost all the juice), expensive subs have nice crossovers you can use in this configuration. A subwoofer reproduces very deep, low-frequency bass sounds, from 20 to 200 hertz they are usually 8 to 12 inches in diameter a tweeter produces high-pitched noises and are usually about 2 inches in diameter both a tweeter and a subwoofer can be hooked up to the same amp. One in and 2 out just hook up each amp power to any of the 2 empty spots on the distri bution block what cable do you need to hook your mixing board to your power amp you need to find out what output connections are on your soundboard and what input connections are on your amplifier. Installing multiple amplifiers it is recommended that you do not connect more than 1-2 components directly to it relays can supply up to 30 amps of current .

If you wish to wire them in series, run a single wire from the negative terminal of the first sub to the positive terminal of the second sub if you wish to wire them in parallel you will run two wires between the two subs the firs will connect the two positive terminals, and the second will connect the two negative terminals. Also another thought if your amp has input and output rca's you can just connect the rca from your hu to amp 1, and rca's from amp 1 to amp 2, thats the way i'm running my setup now as far as a remote gain splitter i do belive you can use a phone splitter for that, all the cord for a remote gain is phone line anyhow. The receiver has 2 female rcasv you would need two (2) adapters or split cable if you are going to use the split cable ( rather than the adapter ), connect the males of the split cable to the females of the stereo. Ground your other amps as the same spot on chassis 12v comming from battery, place distribution block and run 2 12v wires from it one goes to 12v in for the cap and the other wire from distribution block goes to the sub amp. Would it be stupid to connect 2 alpine 600w amps to one 12 type r sub yes it depends on the setup of your sub techically if its dual voice coil you can do it, but seriously dude why would you.

So i've heard from the dealers that is impossible for you to run 2 of the same amps on 1 bass knob any suggestions on how i can or are they right. Avforums home forums home how to setup 2 speakers, 1 sub, 2 channel amp (can connect to either of the connections on the speakers) and the other set of . I have two amps but my stereo has one set of rca inputs subsequent pairing to the rca to rca leading to the 2 amps would be: i want to hook up a mk powered . Question: can i wire up multiple amps, or am i limited to just one i’m thinking about upgrading my car audio system, but i’m a little fuzzy on amp wiring can i hook up two amps, or even more, or am i better off with a single one i’m also curious about the best way to wire two amps in if i .

Can you hook up 2 amps to 1 sub

You cannot hook two amps to a single set of speaker terminals because the amps will see each other and usually blow up, blow fuses, or go into protection if you speakers have biwire terminals and you remove the jumpers then you can safely hook up an amp to each pair of terminals. You'd just treat the volume control on the logitech sub like a gain control and then you could use the receiver to control the output of both the speakers and the subwoofer you could get a new sub, but that would only improve your situation if you got a model that accepted speaker wire inputs on it. Can i hook up two amps to one set of speakers can i hook up two subs to one amp with home stereos and their preference for 8 ohm speakers, it's generally ok to use 4 ohm speakers, but don't expect a full volume to come from them as you would from your car. Dual subwoofers: how to hook up multiple subs and now using the low level output on the first subwoofer, you can now join to the input of your p-1000 pre-amp .

Buck pomerantz from crutchfield posted on 4/1/2017 tony, you can wire that sub to that amp's rear channels like this diagram (that's for a 2-channel amp) make sure you set the filter to low-pass, for the subwoofer the amp will be able to put out 160 watts rms to the sub in this configuration. Yeh, i have 5 12 audiobahn subs and 2 rockford amps(1-1300 watt amp the other is a 900 watt amp) i want to hook up my 900 watt amp to this system as well so i can get the max power out of each sub please help me out on this one anyone please email me at [email protected] thanks. This is a step-by-step guide on how to strap two amps together to make them one larger amp how to hook up 2 amps 1 for mids n 1 for subs how to wire your subwoofer dvc 4 ohm - 2 ohm .

Now if you want one sup per amp, then simply hook up the subs to the amp as you normally would a y adaptor for your patch cords should do it for splitting the signal to your two amps this website should help you out some more. This site might help you re: 2 amps to 1 sub how do u hook up 2 amps to 1 sub i know it can be done but how do u take a positive from one amp and a negative from the other amp and join the two to the sub. I'm pretty sure my subs were still running at 2 ohms but they were hooked up the wrong way this is the right way to hook 2 4 ohm subwoofers up @ 2 ohms th.

Can you hook up 2 amps to 1 sub
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